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Barak-Khan madrasah

Barak-Khan madrasah


Monuments of Tashkent


To the east of Chor-Su bazaar there is one of the greatest monuments of medieval architecture-Barak-Khan madrassah. The layout of the Barak-Khan madrassah is significantly different from other sites of its kind.
Barak-Khan is a complex of buildings, including the madrasas and two mausoleums inside. The structure of the complex dates back to the XV-XVIc.
The mausoleum "unnamed" is the oldest building; hanaka mausoleum was built later in 1530, in honor of the first king of the dynasty of Tashkent Sheibanids-Suyundzh Khan. The mausoleum was elegantly decorated with gold, distinctive decor of the time. In XVI son Suyudzh Khan Nauruz-Ahmad, nicknamed Barak-khan built a madrasa, near the mausoleum of his father. Carving and gilding richly adorns the mausoleum of Suyudzhhan.
Barak-Khan madrassa was Muslim Spiritual Government board of Central Asia from the middle of XX c in the. It was held in a specially built new building

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