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Hazrat Imam Mosque

Hazrat Imam Mosque


Monuments of Tashkent- Hazrat Imam Mosque



Hazrat Imam Complex is one of the main attractions of Tashkent. The square is among the mud houses which survived the earthquake of 1966, in the old city of the capital.
Being a Muslim heart of Tashkent, the mosque appeared near the tomb of Hazrat Imam, who was a famous scholar of the Quran and Hadith.
Hast-Imam complex consists of the Barak-khana where is situated the spiritual goverment of the Muslims of Central Asia, Tilla Sheikh Mosque, the Mausoleum of Abu Bakr Kaffal Shashi, as well as the Islamic Institute of Al-Bukhari, where study future imams.
The Koran holy book is kept in the mosque. According to one of the versions it was brought by Amir Temur from the Iraqi city- Basra. The Koran was written on deer skin in VII c,
There are only six books of Koran; the best of them is the one which is now preserved in the mosque of Hazrat Imam.

A new building of Hazrat Imam was erected in 2007 preserving the architectural style of XVI c. The structure consists of two mosques and minarets. Magnificent décor, made by the craftsmen from different schools of Uzbekistan, adorns the entrance area.

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