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Juma mosque of Khoja Ahrar Wali

Juma mosque of Khoja Ahrar Wali

Monuments of Tashkent- Juma mosque of Khoja Ahrar Wali


Construction of the first mosque in Tashkent began in IXc, on the highest point of Shahristan. Till nowadays the mosque was restored several times and rebuilt. Juma mosque of Khodja Ahrar  is located in the old city, and surrounded by three squares Chorsu, Chadra and Eski Juva.
This is the only mosque courtyard type designed for the Friday prayers. The scale of the mosque are enormous, it is the third-largest mosque in Uzbekistan after the Bibi Khanum Mosque in Samirkand and Poi Kalon in Bukhara.
The mosque is named after Khoja Ahrar-Wali, who built the structure on the foundations of an ancient Juma mosque in 1451.
Khoja Ahrar Mosque is 15m cube. The cube symbolizes the sacred Kaaba. It is oriented to the cardinal points and faces to Mecca.
The decor of the mosque is simple, it has nothing to distract from prayer. For the same reason, the mosque did not let women.

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