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Monuments of Bukhara

Magoki-Attari is the oldest architectural structure; it is located in the center of the Bukhara city, near the ensemble Labi-Hauz.
The portal decor are early medieval architectural masterpiece. In the mosque you can see a variety of decorative techniques: polished bricks, majolica, carved alabaster, carved terracotta. 
In ancient times the temple of worshipers was situated in the area of the southern Attaron gates. After the Arab conquest one of the first mosques was built in place of the cult of the pagan temple. In the later Middle Ages building served as a small mosque.
In 1930 the southern portal of the mosque was discovered, with an unique decor with ornamental brickwork and carved majolica. The construction of the portal belongs to VII century, it is a perfect work of art of Bukhara architecture.

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