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Meal plan

Meal plan

Breakfasts, are included on all trips; please be prepared to pay for all other meals (if they are not included). Please note that costs for drinks and meals can vary depending on location and the prices below are given as an average guide only.

Tea $0.40
Soft drink $ 0.50
Bottled water $ 0.75
Bottle of Beer $ 1.50
2 Course Meal* $ 5.00
3 Course Meal** $ 8.00

*Cheap local fare in a small cafe or restaurant.
**Typical food in a simple, reasonably comfortable mid-range restaurant. 

Uzbek food is a distinctive and well known feature of Uzbekistan Culture. Though the traditional Uzbekistan Food comprises fruits, vegetables and pasta type dishes yet the different preparations of meat have added largely to their diet recently. 

Uzbekistan have been cultivating grain and domesticated livestock since ages amidst the deserts, rugged mountains, oasis and fertile valleys. Uzbekistan cuisine is one of the integral aspects of their hospitality. Traditional dishes in Uzbekistan, which are usually regularly prepared are bread, rice, thick soups, stews sometimes served with noodles or dumplings. Meat pastries and shashlik (mutton or liver cooked on skewers) are also the popular dishes of Uzbeks.

The menu of a Uzbek household depends upon the season. In summer their diet mainly includes: fruits (grapes, melons, pears, watermelons, apricots, apples, pomegranates, cherries, lemons, persimmons, quinces and figs) vegetables ( yellow carrots, pumpkin, green radishes, squash varieties, tomatoes, eggplants, turnips, cucumbers) 

The winter diet of the Uzbeks are dried fruits and vegetables with noodle or pasta-type dishes. Mutton is loved by the Uzbeks. Beef and horse meat are also consumed in fairly large quantities. Camel and goat meat are avoided. The food in Uzbekistan is not spicy, hot or fiery but truly delectable. Bread, both leavened and unleavened - form the staple food of the Uzbeks. Baked in tandoor ovens, and served with tea (green or black and without milk or sugar) this bread – time is delightfully enjoyed by the Uzbeks. Wine and vodka are the most popular drinks. 

The local cuisine of Uzbekistan boasts the preparations of katyk, or yogurt made from sour milk, suzma, strained clotted milk similar to the taste of cottage cheese, are eaten with salads. Sometimes added to soups and main dishes. Uzbekistan Food is particularly mouth watering even if it is prepared in such a plain and spice less procedure.

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