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Rukhabad mausoleum

Rukhabad mausoleum

Hair of prophet Mukhammad in Samarkand

Rukhabad mausoleum is situated not far from the Gur-Emir necropolis. This unique piece of ancient architecture was built in 1380. 
  After the death of the Central Asian Sheikh ad-Din Sagadzhi, his son Abu Said brought his body to Samarkand, and buried him near the grave of Sheikh Basir. 
     Abu Said stayed in Samarkand, at the court of Tamerlane, and become respected religious figure. In 1380 construction of the mausoleum over the grave of a Muslim holy Burhan al-Din Sagadzhi was started by the order of Amir Temmur
   According to a legend the hair of the Prophet Muhammad is still in the mausoleum Rukhabad. Amir Timur treated with great respect to Sagadzhi and never rode on horseback across the mausoleum; he used to pass on foot this holy land.

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