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Zangi-ata Mausoleum

Zangi-ata Mausoleum

Monuments of Tashkent- Zangi-ata Mausoleum

Zangi-ata mausoleum is located in the southern part of Tashkent in the village Zangi-ata, 12 km from the capital. The architectural ensemble has a great artistic and historical value.
The complex has arisen here in memory of the deceased Sheikh Khodja-Ali, nicknamed Zangi-ata. Ali Khoja was of Arab nobility, and had dark skin, that is why his nickname is Zangi-ata (Dark father). During the life Khodja Ali was a defender of Muslim spiritual values
The construction consists of a large garden, the tomb of the saint, the minaret-to summon the Muslims to prayer, a madrasah, and a memorial mosque.
Not far from the burial mausoleum of Ali Khodja there is the mausoleum of his his wife Amdar- Bibi.
According to legend, the great Tamerlane wanted to build the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmad Yassavi-known saint in the Muslim world. But during three days, the bull appeared out of nowhere and destroyed everything which was built by that time. Then, Amir Temur had a drem in which Hodge Yassavi said that first he had to build a mausoleum for Ali Khoja.
Today Mausoleum Zangi-ata is a respected and honored place among the Muslims.


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