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Ak-Saray mausoleum


Ak-Saray mausoleum

Enigmatic mausoleum in Samarkand, its still not known who is burried there..


   Mausoleum Ak-Saray is located in the south-eastern side of the Gur-Emir. Ak-Saray is translated as "white palace". Its construction dates back to the XV century. There is no historical information  who was buried here, scientists still do not know about it.


It is believed that after the overflow of Temurids necropolis Gur-emir, there was a necessity of construction of another burial tomb, and it became the Ak-Saray mausoleum. 


  A headless man was found in a special niche during the archaeological research of the eastern wall. Scholars believe that it is the grave of Abdullatif-son of Ulugbek. Who hired a man to kill his father, and was executed.


    The architectural structure has a rich, golden interior decoration, and poor external design. There is octagonal underground tomb inside the building.

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