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Bibi Khanym mosque

Bibi Khanym mosque


Cathedral mosque of Tamarlane empire    

Bibi Khanym was constructed as a cathedral mosque of Samarkand. This architectural structure was built one of the first during the reign of the great military leader- Tamerlane. The central part is the tomb of Amir Temur's wife's mother-Saray Mulk Khanym, this magnificent mosque was built in her honor, except her in the mausoleum were buried two women from the Timurid clan.
  After returning from India with a victory, Amir Timur wanted to build a magnificent building. With this aim artisans, craftsmen and architects from all over Asia were attracted in the construction of this grandiose complex. Construction began in 1339- 1404. It became the main mosque of the capital of Amir Temur. In the construction of the mausoleum, traditions and experience of artists and architects from all over the world were involved in the erection of Bibi-Khanym mosque.
  The scope of Bibi-Khanym mosque was so grandiose, that the structure could not stand and began crushing even during the life of Amir Temur, nowadays there are left only breathtaking ruins.
 There are two majestic minarets of impressive sizes at the entrance of the portal, the courtyard of the madrasah is laid with marble slabs. Bibi Khanym is a high octagonal building from outside and the cross-shaped structure inside, with a cylindrical drum covered with Kufic inscription. The décor involves the golden mosaics and paintings as well as landscapes of the Garden of Eden.
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