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The Mausoleum of Khoja-Daniar.

The Mausoleum of Khoja-Daniar.

The longest grave in the world

The mausoleum of St. Daniar is situated on the northern side of the Afrasiyab hills, near the famous river Siab. According to the legend the Khodja-Daniar was a companion of Kusama ibn Abbas who was considered to be a relative of the Prophet Muhammad. Khodja-Daniar is honored by three religions: Christians, Jews and Muslims. Amir Temur brought part of the remains of the body of Daniel (his hand) to Samarkand. According to a legend, the burial place of Khoja-Daniar was chosen by a horse that carried its remains. The horse stopped and refused to go further, and exactly there Amir Timur ordered to bury the remains of Daniar. The saint Daniar is buried in two cities: in Susa and Babylon.

 On the place of his burial  in the XIV century was built a mausoleum with a chain of domes, which was renovated in the XX century. Length of the gravestones of the saint is 18 meters. The peculiarity of the mausoleum is the fact that the holy continues to grow in his grave, that’s why it is periodically rebuilt and extended.

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