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Ulugbek observatory

Ulugbek observatory

Ulugbek Observatory was built in 1428-1429, on the Kuhak hills in Samarkand. There were other observatories in eastern countries before the construction of this building, but the size and equipment of the observatory of Ulugbek exceeds all the others.
  The greatest scientists were involved in the construction of the observatory, including Ali Kushchi, Ghiyasuddin al-Kashi, and others who had refined the tools and developed the project.
 The observatory was a three-story round building, and not less than 30 meters in height. A special tool was hosted for observation of celestial objects in the vast hall. 
  The Observatory continued work after the assassination of Ulugbek during 20 years, only after the assassination of Abu Said, Ali Kushchi’s situation become so bad that he had to move to Herat. By the XVI century from the observatory were left only ruins. During the following years the location of the observatory was unknown. In 1908, professor V.L. Vyatkin basing on documents discovered the remains of the observatory.
  In 1964, near the observatory was built a memorial museum where you can see photos of the excavations, the famous table with the information about the stars. In 2010 not far from the observatory, a memorial monument of Ulugbek was put against the starry sky.
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